Open Innovation and Collaborative Insights

Open Innovation and Collaborative InsightsAll voices count. Our Open Innovation approach connect you to the crowd to help you find and develop the next big thing and get big move for your organization’s product or services. You find better ideas at a lower cost and those ideas get to market faster. We believe that the performance of our program along side with our clients capability, result to robustness and the accuracy of the information we provide and the availability for decision making and collaboration.

Environment Information

The smart information is key to understand and anticipate outside environment and to prevent environmental risks. We provide our clients the economic information to embrace the environment that will make them successful. All the intelligence coming from the environment (Crowd, Market segmentation, key competitors, partners, rules, trends…) is used to support our clients decision making process on their strategic vision and objectives.

Operations Information:

The dedicated information available at each ladder of an organization determine the dynamism of the entire system. business reports, data driven alerts or on demand access LoopSight team want to foster collaboration throughout the organization. The fluidity in the information cracks down the virtual information walls within the organisation, which restrict the way management think, communicate and engage with people. The empowerment of individuals is leverage through their complexity as humans being with a real empathetic connection from their clients’ perspective LoopSight team’s approach is based on the organisation strategy openly put into perspective to enrich our clients insights on opportunity for process improvement, system transformation, cultural change, business model innovation and customers experience alignment.

LoopSight’s Approach
LoopSight team facilitate the Open innovation approach with the clients’ key stakeholders and the related crowd. We are facilitating the road to achievement with the help of data driven collaborative insights, creative thinking and the collective intelligence.

  1. Knowledge Sharing
  2. Value Creation
  3. Co Innovation
  4. Co creation and Execution