Business Systems Redesign

Business Systems redesignLoopSight Company describe Business Systems as a integrated whole consisting of business processes, policies and IT systems and related interfaces used to fulfill the mission and the strategies.

Business systems are the essential building blocks of your organisation and processes, policies and IT should be aligned and should be complementary to each other. A business system is one pillar of a competitive advantage.

LoopSight’s Approach

We want to reinforce the key critical processes into an end to end value generating system in order to deliver the highest quality of client experience, at the most competitive way, at the most optimized cost and time.

LoopSight enables organization’s processes high efficiency and effectiveness to achieve the clients’ objectives on strategic initiatives

Business System Redesign program

  1. Business needs and existing processes analysis
  2. Envisioning of the new system based on its core objectives
  3. Reassessment of IT systems, interfaces, business policies and operational data
  4. System and processes mapping, gap analysis
  5. Ideation ad Implementation of the most impactful solution

LoopSight works together with a cross functional client team through each step of the Holistic and system dynamics approach to identify where to focus the innovation efforts and use techniques provided by Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma as appropriate and enhanced by the Information Technology to implement innovation for drastic customer experience improvement in critical business metrics.

Mergers and Acquisitions Integration, Divestiture mobilization, IT System Optimization, ROI Improvement,