Business Performance Improvement & Operational Excellence

Business Performance Improvement. Operational ExcellenceLoopSight Company’s Operational Excellence empowers you to grow earnings and outperform the competition. Whether you need to reduce costs in your Value Chain or increase Procurement, SG&A and operations effectiveness.

We are pragmatic in our Business Performance Improvement practise, with an owner-activist mindset we understand short-term execution as vital to long-term sustainability and growth.

LoopSight’s Approach

Lean Six Sigma training and deployment program

Lean Six Sigma is a mix of two concepts: lean manufacturing, which is aimed at reducing waste, and Six Sigma, which helps companies reduce errors. Together they can help companies reap the benefits of faster processes with lower cost and higher quality. From LoopSight company experience with clients , we’ve learned that despite outstanding results at some companies, Lean Six Sigma methodology needs to be approach with sustainability and collaboration in mind in order to deliver expected results.

Training and deployment program

  1. Full strategy assessment
  2. Deployment program definition
  3. Lean Six Sigma Training and Capacity Building
  4. Value Stream mapping and processes analysis
  5. Data measurement, Gap analysis
  6. Sustainability management

Business Processes Continuous Improvement

LoopSight Company’s expertise for Business operations continuous improvement, allows our clients to reassess their operations to increase the values for their customers, their performance and lower costs, while reinforcing their strategic goals.

Supply Chain Management: Deliver the client value at the right cost across the Value Stream, Subcontractor audit and qualification, Enhancement with advanced digital technology

Manufacturing Management: Optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness using innovative technologies, Business Process Management tools and preventive tools,

Change Management: Allow the gained performance to last long term through people collaboration, communication plan, KPI reporting, Management review.