Business Model Innovation by Design

Business Model Innovation by DesignThe world is changing fast in an unpredictable way. We call it the VUCA world. Businesses in the 21st century will be successful with their ability to rethink, reimagine, and redefine their customer’s experience. Relieve your sleeves,

LoopSight Company uses cutting-edge approach to Business model transformation through design, in order to reinforce your competitive advantage with an Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts. We will leverage the approach to guide our clients to a high growth, market leaders position through continuous innovation.

We want to support the opportunity approach to new strategic alternatives either at the enterprise or at Business Unit level. The business model Innovation workshop will guide your team to imagine and to formalize the strategy to be implemented from the organizational infrastructure, to the operational systems.

We are using proven expertise into our framework including System thinking, Lean Startup, Innovation Management, Strategic Foresight and Business Model Innovation.

We enable organizations to confirm their client centered business model and to formalize their end to end value chains.

LoopSight’s Approach

The LoopSight Company’s expertise want to support organizations understand their business environment, define the value the market needs, and orchestrate the business growth.

LoopSight Company’s team will develop business model solutions leveraging growth factors available in the market.

Business Model Innovation program

  1. Empathizing
  2. Envisioning
  3. Exploring
  4. Materializing
  5. Testing
  6. Implementing